7 Most Amazing Applications of Drones in Real Life

Most of the people think that drones are only used by the military for security, surveillance or search and rescue operations. Yes, drones are used for these purposes but there is so much more these drones can do.

Commercial drones are coming to market and we all can use them for different purposes. Drones have many applications in our day to day lives. You can find many feature rich drones for sale online. These little gadgets are extremely powerful. Drones can be controlled from remote locations and help us in many ways. Let us know about the 7 most amazing uses of Drones in real life.

1. Photography

This is the most popular use of commercial drones. Drones are used for Aerial photography & aerial videography.

Drones can reach to remote areas, high altitude and provide great stability, control, and endurance. Drones can work effectively in challenging weather conditions, extremely low or high temperatures, sand, dust, mud, etc.

You can shoot stunning videos at great altitudes. Introduction of drones has been the most important advancement in photography. These little gadgets fly right out of the box.

drones aerial photography

2. Journalism

The next amazing application of drones is in the field of journalism. Drones have changed the entire way of news gathering and journalism.

Unmanned aircraft vehicles(UAV) can offer distinct visual perspectives. For example, drones are great for reporting disasters and accidents by providing illustrative insights of the situations.

3. Agriculture

UAV(Unmanned aircraft vehicles) have revolutionized the agriculture. They help in precise agriculture.

Drones are used for 3D mapping of soil to determine the plantation patterns, irrigation, and nutrients levels. Drones can effectively spray chemicals such as pesticides over the fields. According to the experts, aerial sprays by drones are 5 times faster than using traditional machines.

Drones can also be used for crop monitoring and crop health assessment.

drone application in agriculture

4. Architecture

Drones can be used in building, construction, architecture, and design. They are being used by authorities to survey buildings, apartments for safety risks. Since they are so small, they can easily reach places that humans cannot enter.

These gadgets can be used for planning the construction and design. Architects use drones for impact studies too.

5. Delivery

Drones can be used to deliver packages, courier, etc. While the deliveries will be weight limited, it is still beneficial in a lot of cases. Drones can send your postman to leave. This application of commercial drone is yet to be tested on the wider population. Amazon recently tried using drones for delivering products at the door step.

Drones for delivery

6. Tourism

Drones can provide remote tours of distant locations. There are various locations where you people cannot go. Many times it is not even safe for the people to go there. In such situations, drones can help the tourists to know about that place. Drones can go to the top of towers or in hidden caves or tunnels. Even the tourism marketers use drones to show innovative and attractive video content to lure travelers.

7. Fun

Drones are exciting toys for kids. The drones made for kids are of lower range and more secure but kids can learn a lot from such toys. There are many amazing radio controlled, multi rotor toys that kids can fly in your backyard or living room. You can get budget drone toys in the market.

The prices of drones differ for different features and quality. The usage of drones is still bound by rules and regulations. Different countries have different laws for using drones for commercial usage. You may also need to get permission or license to use drones for commercial purpose.

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